column1-image1Corporate and Commercial Law

As İBK, we provide sound advice to domestic and international corporations in respect of incorporations of partnerships and corporations, establishment of joint ventures, branch offices, liaison offices and assist them in the mergers and acquisitions, special circumstances disclosures, corporate governance and partnership rights. Our team helps its clients structuring the board of directors, limitation of authorities between board members and general maintenance of corporate records. We provide further assistance as well as liabilities of board members and managers.


We provide assistance in contract drafting, examination and negotiation of any kind of contract to be signed by our clients including transfer of shares, partnership, guarantee management, sales, distribution, supply, agency, labor, credit, service, investment, insurance, license, franchise, leasing and mortgage.

column1-image3International Trade Law

İBK Law provides legal consultancy services to its clients regarding the preparation and negotiation of all kind of contracts within this scope, including but not limited to international trade contracts, international sale deals, forms of payment and delivery, international financing techniques, bank letter of guarantees, and leasing and factoring contracts.

Our firm is also actively involved in alternative resolution remedies for disputes arising from international trade law, especially in international arbitration proceedings.

In addition, İBK provides legal consultancy and representation services to its international clients in anti-dumping and subsidy investigations that are initiated by the Ministry of Economy in accordance with the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules and local regulation protecting domestic producers from of unfair import operations that are adversely affecting the local economy.


We advise clients and investors in renewable energy, electricity, hydraulic power plants and wind power investments in Turkey and provide sound service regarding license applications and examination of investment contracts to be signed between investors and suppliers.

column2-image1E-Commerce Law

Our team offers legal consultancy for corporations that provide services or sell goods over the Internet and helps newly established Internet content providers and domain provider companies. The team provides practical advices especially structuring the companies to be operated over the Internet, implied or explicit e-commercials, distance sales contracts, subscription systems. We conduct our clients including protection of consumer rights and exercise of intellectual property, patent rights and copyrights over the Internet. We also provide further legal services and represent our clients in crime investigations and lawsuits in relation to such crimes as insult, threat, fraud committed through social media and we represent our clients in disputes and settlements including but not limited to infringement and unfair competition law suits in connection with e-commerce activities.

column2-image1Labor Law

Labor law is one of our major practice areas. We are well experienced on labor disputes especially between domestic contruction companies carrying massive projects in overseas and its employees. As İBK, we represent our clients in compensation and re-hire lawsuits, breach of contract claims and actions to enforce non-competition undertakings.

We provide sound advice in related to preparation of internal employee regulations, drafting and negotiation of white-collar and blue-collar employment contracts and we offer preventive legal consultancy in order to reduce labor dispute risks. We organize internal training seminars to clients on the full range of relevant issues including labor and social security legislation, as well as labor union activities. We represent our clients any kind of disputes and lawsuits in related to labor issues.

We also provide assistance to our client’s foreign employees for work permit and residence applications.

column2-image1Real Estate and Construction

We provide commercially mind legal advice to developers, investors, constructors, owners, tenants as well as handling the real estate and construction legal transactions. We represent and assist them in commercial and residential real estate projects; provide legal consultancy including project managements, credit transactions as well as drafting and negotiation of construction agreements in return for land share; contractor and supply agreements, pre-sale, sale and rental contracts. We also carry out title deed searches and perform due diligence at land registry offices, cadastral offices, and other administrative authorities.

Our team represents our clients in residential and commercial real estate disputes, ownership lawsuits, zoning disputes as well as other property disputes. We also handle with cooperative housing society clients’ management issues and related transactions. We also act as a mediator in property disputes.

column2-image1Data Privacy & Data Protection

Law on the Protection of Personal Data which have entered into force in April 2016 has major significance for companies especially dealing with personal data of real persons.

We develop compliance projects upon the client company’s needs and assist them regarding their obligations and precautions to be taken under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. In this regard, we support our clients especially modifiying any kind of legal documents with the framework of the principles and obligations stipulated by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and also we provide legal affairs for preparing data inventory and data protecting policy. With in the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, we prepare a due diligence report on the basis of legal compliance assessment and propose actions necessary to be taken in accordance with the Law to remedy the incompliances and risks.

column3-image1Insurance Law

İBK Law represents insurance companies, insurance brokers, insurers and other policy beneficiaries, that operate not only generally but also in the specific areas of insurance such as accident, damage, liability, transportation, credit and financial risks, health, retirement and life insurance. Our services include the representation both before the civil courts and the tribunals of Insurance Arbitration Commission for the resolution of disputes.

column3-image1Medical Law

Our firm is highly competent with the handling of disputes arising from medical interventions made by health professionals in terms of their administrative and criminal liabilities, the contractual relationship between patients-health professionals-health institutions and the legal disputes arising from these contracts. Besides all, we provide litigation and counseling support in cases of the compensation and criminal cases arising from malpractice claims and administrative disputes between private health institutions and government.

column3-image1Debt Collection, Execution & Bankruptcy

As İBK Law, we provide bottom line focused legal service in collection of receivables and execution of proceedings as specially carrying out execution proceedings based on receivables arising from commercial disputes. We provide practical support to borrowers/debtors, creditors, and other parties by representing them before the execution offices and civil courts; we carry out legal procedures including suspension of bankruptcy; complex restructuring projects.

column3-image1Personal Representation & Civil Law Disputes

We represent and assist individuals in relation to any kind of wills and properties concerned transactions and disputes, including but not limited to disclaimer and debarment of interest.

Our team provides legal advice to Turkish and foreign real persons in all kind of family law matters including marriage, divorce, child custody and adoption but exclusively drafting, interpretation and negotiation of marriage agreements and divorce protocols and acting as mediator before the litigation process and representing them in lawsuits.

column3-image1White Collar Crimes

We provide sound legal advice and representation service to all kind of white collar criminal investigations and lawsuits related to corporations and shareholders covering capital market, tax and custody transactions. Our team also provide tax and administrative court litigation dealing with administrative decisions included but not limited to advertising bans, public procurement bans, tax and duty fines, cancelled administrative permissions, permits and licenses and the team also covers cancellation of any tax and duty accruals and related issues.